BINCI 1st Review Meeting Held in Luxembourg on October, 17th

BINCI Meeting Reviewers Testing Demo

BINCI 1st Review Meeting Held in Luxembourg on October, 17th


Barcelona, 16th November, 2017 – The 1st review meeting of the BINCI project took place on October, 17th, hosted at the European Commission building in Luxembourg.

The BINCI Consortium presented to the Project Officer and the reviewers the advances and the remaining challenges after 9 months of work, and performed an intermediate assessment of the research activities carried out during this period.

After a project overview, partners Antenna and Voodoopop provided an initial speech explaining why is 3D Audio of interest to museums and creatives. They also presented what are the requirements and use cases for both audio professionals and binaural content consumers. The BINCI solution specifications derived from that requirements were discussed afterwards.

Partner Head Acoustics lead the presentation of HRTF and 3D acoustic measurements with the collaboration of Eurecat for the later part. Eurecat also presented the current results on the development of BINCI audio production tools. Partner 3D Sound Labs introduced the binaural engine, the head tracking solution adopted in the project and the advances on the system integration.

Progress on the demonstrations was also presented. During the review, we exhibited our 360º demo video produced to introduce BINCI approach and capabilities to artists as a guide for the call for submission of project ideas for the artistic productions. We also presented the advances in the creation of the experimental productions for our demo sites (Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, Alte Pinakothek in Munich and St. Andrew’s Castle in Scotland).

The last part of the meeting was devoted to present the dissemination and exploitation activities performed at this stage and the plans for the upcoming months.

Complementing these presentations, BINCI partners showed early demonstrations providing a glimpse of the project results at this stage: demonstrations on how to produce 3D audio content with current prototype tools and on how to consume this content via the player integrated with the head tracker.

The reviewers, which are highly involved in BINCI relevant fields, showed great interest in the work presented. They see in BINCI solution the potential to revolutionize several fields, from music to VR. They raised interesting and qualified questions and provided valuable feedback and insightful comments on the different activities and potential ways to improve them.

BINCI partners would like to thank our PO and the independent experts for their thoughtful comments and enthusiastic feedback.