Privacy Policy

The following data protection information notice outlines the criteria by which BINCI collects, manages and uses the personal data in the distribution of Press Releases and BINCI News.

Identity of controller

Fundació Eurecat (, VAT number G66210345, with legal address in Av. Universitat Autònoma, 23. Parque Tecnológico del Vallés. 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallés

Protection data officer contact:

Purpose of processing

Processing of personal data is needed for the efficient management of the BINCI user group activities.

Type of data processed

Only the following data are collected:

• E-mail address

• Name

• Surname

• Gender

• Profession

• Sector/category

• Country

Pledge of anonymity

Any information you may contribute as part of the BINCI User group will be used only for research purposes (BINCI project, GA732130) and in ways that will not reveal who you are. When we process the personal data that is collected, we always observe the rules laid down in the applicable data protection laws. Your data will not be disclosed publicly by us, nor transferred to any third parties without your consent. Directly identifying information (e.g. names, addresses) will be safeguarded and maintained under controlled conditions. You will not be identified in any publication from this study.

Recipients of the data processed

Personal data may be accessed only by the BINCI staff, from partners Eurecat and VPOP, dealing with the organization of the distribution of BINCI newsletter, press releases, events, and any relevant BINCI communications.

Data transfers

Data will not be transferred to any third organization.

Protection and security measures

All personal data collected are internally processed only by designated BINCI administrators or agents andstored on servers which abide by the Eurecat’s security rules and standards.

Retention period

Personal data will be erased as soon as it will no longer needed for the purpose of the managing of the efficient distribution of BINCI newsletter, press releases, events, and any relevant BINCI communications. BINCI data will not be retained beyond December 2018.

Lawful processing

All personal data provided to BINCI are dealt with in compliance with Regulation (EC) N° 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data.

The data subject’s rights and recourse

You may access, rectify and delete data, as well as exercise the right to limit the treatment and portability of the data getting in touch with BINCI data manager at

Should the conflict not be resolved by the Controller or the Data Protection Officer you may lodge a complaint with the European Data Protection Supervisor at any time: Website