The project

Project objectives

  • Defining the requirements specifications of the tools, according to industry needs.
  • Developing a cost-effective binaural measurement system for professionals: HRTFs and SRRS.
  • Developing production tools to encourage the creation of 3D sound contents.
  • Integrating software and hardware solutions for a complete immersive audio experience.
  • To evaluate and demonstrate the developed solutions and the experimental productions created with them in real validation environments.
  • To pave the way for exploitation through coordinated business, dissemination and communication strategies and plans.


BINCI will demonstrate its robustness and scalability for addressing different binaural 3D sound content production at two levels:

From the professional end user perspective

By gathering around the project a group professional audio producers in Barcelona and Berlin that will be involved in the testing of the tools and the workflows.

From the market and final consumer perspective

By creating experimental productions that will be demonstrated in real emblematic cultural and historical sites. BINCI will create a surrealistic soundscape in 3D audio reflecting Joan Miro’s live vision and work for the Fundació Miró, in Barcelona, a multi-sensorial audio-VR experience for St. Andrew’s Castle, in Scotland, and an ambient audio production for the Pinakotheken in Munich.

These productions will be showcased to more than 500 real site visitors to validate the entire workflow for 3D audio content.

Methodology and work packages

BINCI project has a total duration of 18 months and is divided in 8 work packages (WPs): 5 technical WPs for the development and testing of the software and hardware solution and 3 horizontal WPs for the project coordination, dissemination of the project activities and proof of ethic requirements compliance.

The research and innovation activities in BINCI are grouped in the following work packages:

  • WP1: BINCI Project Coordination
  • WP2: Audio Production Experiences and Requirements
  • WP3: Acoustic Measurements
  • WP4: 3D Audio Production Tools
  • WP5: Binaural Engine and System Integration
  • WP6: BINCI Demonstrations
  • WP7: Dissemination and Exploitation
  • WP8: Work Ethics

CCI European Market

European Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) will be the main beneficiaries from the BINCI project, which will provide CCI tools to produce in a cost-efficient way 3D audio contents and experiences.

The 11 CCI sectors – advertising, architecture, books, gaming, music, movie, press, preforming arts, radio, TV and visual arts - have a big impact in the economy worldwide. Europe is the second-largest CCI market, accounting for 32% of the total global revenues and 7.7 million jobs. The region enjoys a unique concentration of heritage and arts institutions and has within its borders seven of the 10 most visited museums in the world.
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