BINCI Team Starts Acoustic Recordings in Alte Pinakothek

BINCI Team Starts Acoustic Recordings in Alte Pinakothek


Munich, 26th October, 2017 – Eurecat joined forces with project partners Antenna and Head Acoustics to perform acoustic measurements and recordings of the spaces in Alte Pinakothek in Munich. The rooms of this museum provide the opportunity to work with very special sound characteristics as a use case for BINCI tools and research.

The results derived from the work in the Pinakotheken will bring light to the ongoing research questions and provide material for an experimental production for families visiting the museum. The production aims at using 3D audio to turn 2D baroque paintings into a 3D experience, allowing the visitors to enter the sceneries depicted and become part of the stories.

The Pinakotheken audio recording sessions gathered together acoustics research, state-of-the-art acoustic technologies and artistic sensitivity to create the first use case of the project. Artists and content creators will use the performed measurements and BINCI research outcomes to conceive augmented reality experiences for museum visitors.

The Alte Pinakotek is one of the three demonstration sites of the BINCI project. In the framework of the project, partners will also create a surrealistic soundscape in 3D audio reflecting Joan Miro’s live vision and work for the Fundació Miró, in Barcelona, and a multi sensorial audio-VR experience for St. Andrew’s Castle, in Scotland. Recordings in these two other emblematic touristic sites will start soon.