Call for Projects

Welcome to our User Group and our:

Call for Submissions!

BINCI User Group

You are among the first users and early adopters of tools for immersive audio production. A very important part of our project is having you start working with our tools now to get your feedback for making them even better.

If you are not part of our User Group yet, you can also be part of our BINCI testers community and participate in this Call for Submissions. You only need to provide us with some data to know you more and then present your project in this call.

The Call

We want you to propose a project you will produce with our tools!

  • Any production in Cinematic VR (360-Video), Music, Audio-Books, Audio-Guides or Free Artistic works.
  • Among all submissions we will select 10 projects, which will receive BINCI's VST Plugins, two 3D Sound One Headtrackers and full support throughout the process, including hands on introductions and studio time in Berlin or Barcelona.
  • Submit a comprehensive, written treatment of about a single A4 page and/or storyboard until December 15th via email. You should include a short introduction about yourself and a description of your project. You can also include anything helpful to outline and render your idea.
  • A BINCI comission of technicians and sound artists will select the projects based on artistic qualities as well as technical relevance. Gender will also matter to achieve a balance among the artists selected.
  • Applicants will be notified if selected before Christmas. Pre-Production is supposed to start in January and we hope to start showcasing your work starting at the end of February.
  • We will ask you to provide feedback about the tools, either in person or via online forms.
  • The copyright of your production will be yours. However, we would like to use your work (or an excerpt of it) as reference. We won’t disclose anything without your consent but our aim is to showcase your work at major music and immersive video events (TBA). These details will be negotiated with selected project users.
  • For questions and feedback, feel free to contact the User Group Manager at

Demo Video

Since there are multiple use cases as well as interpretations about immersive audio we made this simple demo with a basic introduction.

Part of BINCI is the creation of a player, which is not done yet, so for now we depend on the ways of reproduction already out there. Youtube provides 360 video with Ambisonics of 1st order - a big step up is this video with Ambisonics of 2nd order, which you can watch and hear with Google Cardboard or, even better, with Samsung Gear.

Download the video with 2nd Ambisonics
Download the video with 8 Channel