User Group Demo - Crossing Borders by Martin Rieger (VR-TONUNG)

Crossing Borders

User Group Demo – Crossing Borders by Martin Rieger (VR-TONUNG)


Crossing Borders is a 3D audioVR travel documentary telling about a motorbike journey through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand that depicts the adventures, meetings and cultures experienced on the road.

The documentary is embedded in an interactive app, currently available for Gear VR and Oculus Rift. Using the app, the viewer can become a traveller himself, discovering additional content such as soundscapes and immersing himself beyond the 360° episodes. The content, presented in two episodes, combines stereo audio for music and voice-over with binaural audio, which together with BINCI’s head-tracking adds to VR another level of reality.

Documentary trailer

Crossing Borders, selected on BINCI’s call for submissions to validate the 3D audio tools developed and get feedback from audio professionals, demonstrated that is possible to produce immersive content even in the most adverse conditions.

Martin Rieger is the CEO of VR-TONUNG, a 360° sound production studio specialized in Virtual Reality. Rieger, with a two-year experience in 3D audio production, works full-time on set and post-production for VR videos and claims to be on of the few persons experienced in that field in Germany.

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