User Group Demo – Fighting One-Point Perspective by Stella Schimmele

Fighting One-Point Perspective Stella Schimmele

User Group Demo – Fighting One-Point Perspective by Stella Schimmele


The work Fighting One-Point Perspective is an installation-staged composition of choral language and music that issues problems in the structures through which we find information online – especially because our devices can be seen as our gates to the world.

The production is presented with a ring of mobile phones, which acts as a 360° video helmet to symbolize the immersion of the listener into the smartphone reality. In this way, the person inside the ring is put in the field of view of other spectators who can observe how the listener – now actually a performer – vanishes in the smartphone world. The artist used BINCI tools to add 3D audio to the immersive experience.

Making of  “Fighting One-Point Perspective”

The work questions a world heavily influenced by linear feed-structures and search results bound to algorithms. In this world, truth and fiction are blurred and mixed equally on the Internet while the fear of fake-news rises exponentially. However, the Internet is still the most important place for public discourse and is more open and accessible than any other communication system.

“Fighting One-Point Perspective” is named after an essay of the same name by Miriam Dreysse about the work of Einar Schleef. “The impossibility of clearly fixing what is depicted makes up the disturbing power of Einar Schleef’s theatre, denying the one protagonist, the one vanishing point, the one truth, that is his fight against the central perspective” she writes.

Stella Schimmele is a Berlin based artist working on audio-visual installations, film and performances. More information on her work:

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