User Group Demo – Robots by 1.618 Digital

Robots 1.618 Digital

User Group Demo – Robots by 1.618 Digital


Robots is a 3D audio sound production to demonstrate the full scope and potential of 3D sound by 1.618 Digital studio. This audio production, supported by BINCI project, uses the BINCI tools and head-tracking support developed in the framework of the project to create an immersive musical experience.

By removing the visual aspect, 1.618 Digital explored how immersive effects of 3D sound work without a visual reference, allowing other users to explore potential uses and fully embrace this technology as a pure sound medium.

During the production, the participant can hear someone asking his robot friend to play some music. The robot is heard moving around the participant as it goes to switch on the music. At first, the audio quality resembles a computer speaker. The voice then asks the robot to play something from their PA system. The robot is heard moving around again and plays a larger sound system. This time the music comes from a different direction. The voice asks for a new more immersive playback and at the time the robot changes the music the user becomes more immersed in the music. In the end, the listener feels surrounded by sounds like being inside of the mix.

1.618 Digital is a creative sound studio that specialises in binaural and spatial audio for 360 video content, interactive VR/AR media, intelligent sonic branding and immersive storytelling.