BINCI Immersive Productions Land into European Emblematic Cultural Sites

BINCI Immersive Productions Land into European Emblematic Cultural Sites


Three emblematic museums and cultural institutions have started to showcase and test BINCI project experimental tours in 3D audio among real visitors. BINCI immersive experiences aim to explore the impact of 3D audio on storytelling in cultural spaces and transform visitors’ experience.

Until June 30th, these productions will be available at Fundació Joan Miró, in Barcelona, Spain, Alte Pinakothek, in Munich, Germany and St. Andrews Castle, in Saint Andrews, Scotland. Each immersive audio-guide focuses on a different use of 3D audio, from the interaction between the visitors’ and the art work, to creating a fully immersive atmospheric approach and recreating history by augmenting a visitors’ reality through sound.

BINCI demonstration guides are based in binaural technology. This technology allows to experience 3D audio through headphones, simulating  the way humans perceive sound emanating from their surrounding environment in a given space or room.

BINCI demonstrations are led by the partner Antenna International, which has coordinated the production of the experimental 3D audio tours and is currently offering the new tours to visitors at the three cultural sites and getting their feedback.

BINCI immersive experiences have been produced and are being delivered using the BINCI solution. Different artists and sound producers have used the set of 3D audio production plugins developed by Eurecat for the creation of the different soundtracks, where the acoustic measurements of the galleries and historic spaces performed also by Eurecat have been included to enhance the sense of presence of the immersive soundscapes. BINCI binaural player, integrating the head acoustic measurements provided by Head Acoustics together with the head-tracking device of 3D Sound Labs are being used to experience the dynamic binaural tours in Antenna’s multimedia player mobile devices.

BINCI demonstrations are providing empirical evidence and valuable information both from cultural sites and real visitors regarding the likeness of adoption of BINCI solution for enhanced experiences and 3D audio contents by the grand audiences.

FUNDACIÓ JOAN MIRÓ – Specifically composed 3D music tour

Surrealistic soundscapes in 3D audio reflecting Joan Miró’s artistic vision and work. The production invites the visitor to get a glimpse of Miro‘s inspiration by offering music, composed on purpose by international sound artists.

Each soundtrack reflects a theme of a specific painting, such as Joan Miró’s “Painting on White Background for the Cell of a Recluse I, II and III” or “Woman encircled by a flight of birds in the night”.

ALTE PINAKOTHEK – Character-based family tour, bringing paintings to life

Radio play-like audio tour featuring rich characters and sound effects specially designed for families with children. It uses 3D sound to help kids enter the stories of the baroque masterpieces, become part of the depicted sceneries or interact with the figures in their own real space: the galleries.

During the tour, kids will be able to navigate – the immersive work of Peter Paul Rubens “The Great Last Judgement” or sit next to the St. Francis depicted by Carlo Saraceni.

ANDREWS CASTLE – Multi-sensorial audio-VR experience recreating Saint Andrews’ history

Multi-sensorial experience for all publics recreating the most dramatic events in the castle’s history. The vivid memories of the tour’s main character and the special effects used make visitors travel back in time.

During the tour, the visitor will learn about Saint Andrews’ Bottle Dungeon and its temporary inhabitants, as well as get immersed by the kitchen’s daily sounds.

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