User Group Demo – Sfëar & Stereo by Maestro Billy (Billy Mello)

Sfëar & Stereo

User Group Demo – Sfëar & Stereo by Maestro Billy (Billy Mello)


This artistic production presents 8 songs in standard stereo music and the same ones in spatial audio, allowing the listener to experiment and compare audio 3D and stereo sensations.

Song “Ao Balanço do Pandeiro” in spatial audio

The songs, compiled in an album titled as Sfëar & Stereo (Sfëar© is the Eurecat  brand that will exploit BINCI software commercially) answer to two objectives: to create music with lyrics and a piano, as an instrument in common for all songs, and to use BINCI tools to mix songs in binaural audio.

Regarding the creative concept, Billy Mello, author of the production, states in his personal blog:

Think of this album as a sound around your head, around your ears. Do not think of it as a normal stereo experience. The stereo experience is there, but only as a reference for the spatial audio experience.”

The binaural songs have been produced from the stereo version, which is more challenging than to start recording in binaural directly. As a beta tester of BINCI plugins, Mello found BINCI technology “intuitive” and “easy to use” and believes is the best tool he has worked with so far.

View of BINCI visualizer during the production of the song “Oh Yeah, Uh Yeah”

Billy Mello is a Brazilian born sound designer, musical producer and audio developer for TV, radio, advertising, games, VR, AR, MR and podcasts. Known for his work as DJ Maestro Billy he is now based in Berlin, where he is the host of the Berlin AR/VR Meetup Group and focuses on research and music production for new medias.