BINCI to Use New Studio in Berlin for Testing 3D Audio Tools

BINCI to Use New Studio in Berlin for Testing 3D Audio Tools

Sfëar, 3D Sound Labs and Voodoopop set up a studio deploying immersive audio technology

Barcelona 11 May 2017 – Artists and professional content creators will be able to test the 3D audio tools developed during the BINCI project at the MainBerlin studio in Berlin, Germany. The studio, the first to deploy the 3D Audio solution provided by Sfëar, Eurecat’s brand for binaural 3D audio production tools, will permit BINCI project partners to validate early-on the new experimental technologies with professional end-users.

The MainBerlin studio, created as a result of a private joint initiative with Sfëar, 3D Sound Labs, and Voodoopop, aims to become a referent in all the different expertise areas involved in the 3D audio creative workflow, including recording production, post-production, exhibition and delivery.

“We are excited to be able to use the first commercial studio in Europe with a full Sfëar set-up”, said Patricia Castillo, BINCI’s project Coordinator. ”I would like to encourage sound artists and producers to join BINCI User Group so that they can have the opportunity to try these powerful tools for creating 3D sound and immersive experiences”, she added.

BINCI is a European project started early 2017 funded under EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program with the objective to develop an integrated software and hardware solution to ease the production, post-production and distribution of binaural 3D audio content. BINCI tools for binaural 3D audio will be fully suitable to develop professional applications in the creative industries such as music, video games or virtual and augmented reality. Registration to the BINCI User Group is open on the project website.

About Eurecat 

Eurecat is the leading Technology Centre of Catalonia with extensive experience in developing cutting-edge audiovisual technologies for the media sector and the creative industries. It provides the industrial and business sector with solutions to their innovation needs and boosts their competitiveness in a fast-paced environment. Eurecat is the BINCI project coordinator and leads the software development of binaural plugins and tools.

About Sfëar

Sfëar is a new generation of 3D audio solutions that opens up the world of spatial sound to content creators and professionals alike. Sfëar is Eurecat’s commercial brand for their 3D Audio and binaural tools.

About 3D Sound Labs 

3D Sound Labs is a French VR Audio technology company. It develops 3D/VR Audio software technologies as well as hardware to enable immersive and realistic experience of spatial sound over headphones thanks to its HRTF-based Ambisonics binaural engine.

About Voodoopop

Voodoopop is a small Berlin-based, creative lead animation and production studio producing image films, music videos and TV clips, and recently orienting towards immersive experiences like VR and 360 degrees video.