On the next 29/30 November, BINCI will take part of the NEM Summit, an international conference and exhibition for all those interested in the fields of media, content and creativity.

BINCI partner Eurecat will be presenting BINCI tools at the plenary session on New Formats of NEM Summit described at the paper "Binaural Tools for 3D Audio Production at Home".

The NEM Summit is an annual event that gathers around 300 professionals from industry, research and public administration related to the digital creative industries to debate and define the future of the sector.

Binaural Tools for 3D Audio Production at Home

We present two innovative software tools for editing and rendering immersive audio that allow taking the post-production process outside professional studios. Both will make it easier for creative artists to adopt the new audio immersive technologies and their set of new effects, bringing extra value and creative possibilities to their productions.

  • Binaural Home Studio (BHS): The Binaural Home Studio allows to post-produce either 3D or binaural audio while offering special 3D effect functionalities. The contents produced can be listened and therefore tested with head-tracking headphones throughout the Binaural Player.

  • Binaural Player (BP): The Binaural Player allows users to experience interactive binaural audio with head-tracking-equipped headphones. The binaural output produced by the player is interactive, in the sense that adapts to head movements using a head-tracking headphone which gives to both content creators and end-users more realism and sense of presence.

Adan Garriga

Adan Garriga


Adan Garriga is the director of Multimedia Technologies at Eurecat and BINCI's Technical Coordinator. He obtained a Ph.D in theoretical physics from the University of Barcelona and Executive MBA from EAE Business School. He is author of more than 15 publications in peer reviewed journals in the fields of acoustics and mathematical physics. He has participated and led several European and national research projects in the media sector.

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