BINCI Opens Call for Submissions for Creative Projects

BINCI Opens Call for Submissions for Creative Projects


Barcelona, 7th November, 2017 – Artists working in the fields of music, cinema, audio, VR or AR will be able to produce their creative project using BINCI’s experimental binaural audio tools. The tools developed in the framework the project offer a high-quality ambisonic-based delivery and allow taking the post-production process outside professional studios, making it easier for artists to adopt the new audio immersive technologies.

BINCI partners have opened a call for projects until November 24th to select 10 artists willing to produce a project with the project tools. Selected artists will be provided with BINCI’s VST Plugins, two 3D Sound One Headtrackers and full support throughout the process, including hands on introductions and studio time in Berlin or Barcelona.

To participate in the call, applicants will have to submit a single A4 page and/or storyboard until November 24th via email with a short introduction about themselves and a description of their project. Pre-Production is supposed to start in mid-December and productions will be showcased starting at the end of February at major music and immersive video events in order to exhibit of the potential and applications of the BINCI tools.

While producing their projects, artists will become the first users and adopters of tools for immersive audio production. The BINCI team will ask artists to provide feedback about the tools either in person or via online forms, which will help BINCI to be able to improve their software and hardware solution before the end of the projects.

As we count with multiple cases and interpretations about immersive audio, artists will be able to understanding BINCI approach with this first 360º demo video that gives a basic introduction about binaural audio. If you count with special equipment, can also have a look at the same video with ambisonics of 2nd order, which you can watch and hear with Google Cardboard or, even better, with Samsung Gear.

Know more about the Call for Submissions here.