3D Audio Proven to Have an Impact on Creative Storytelling in Cultural Institutions

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3D Audio Proven to Have an Impact on Creative Storytelling in Cultural Institutions


BINCI 3D audio immersive productions have been showcased in three emblematic museums and cultural sites in Europe to more than 1,200 visitors, who provided valuable information regarding the likeliness of the adoption of BINCI solution for enhanced experiences and 3D audio contents for the cultural and creative industries.

From May to June, these productions have been available at Fundació Joan Miró, in Barcelona, Spain, Alte Pinakothek, in Munich, Germany,  and St. Andrews Castle, in Saint Andrews, Scotland. Each immersive audio-guide has focused on a different use of 3D audio, from the interaction between the visitors’ and the art work, to creating a fully immersive atmospheric approach and recreating history by augmenting a visitors’ reality through sound.

Visitors from all nations and group ages (-8 to 60+) have evaluated the productions, which allowed of a deep understanding of consumer needs and expectations. The majority of the visitors realized the 3D sound and considered that the 3D audio definitely added “reality” to the said stories and made them react emotionally and even physically.

FUNDACIÓ JOAN MIRÓ – Specifically composed 3D music tour

Realization of six surrealistic soundscapes in 3D audio reflecting Joan Miró’s artistic vision and work. Each song, reflecting the theme of a room of the gallery, invites the visitor to get a glimpse of Miró‘s inspiration by offering music composed on purpose by international sound artists.

fundació miró tour audioguide

According to the survey results, 79% of the respondants considered that the 3D audio guide helped in turning the visit to the museum into an experience and 64.3% stated that 3D music had made them interact more time with Miró‘s works. Overall, the visitors surveyed agreed to describe the experience mostly as “inspiring,” “emotional,” and “fun.”

ALTE PINAKOTHEKEN – Character-based family tour, bringing paintings to life

Alte Pinakothek audioguideCreation of a radio play-like tour specially designed for children turning “flat stories” into a 3D world to explore. It uses 3D sound to allow children to enter the sceneries, become part of the stories depicted on the canvases and interact with the figures.

Based on the kids’ descriptions at the end of the tour, it is concluded that the tour really influenced their museum experience and helped them to deeply connect with the paintings. “It’s been so real. I always thought there was someone with me in the room” said one kid after the tour. “If there were more audio tours like this, I would spend all my time off in museums”, stated another.

Children realized the 3D audio sound more than the adults and were more easily taken in, enhancing dramatically their encounter with art. “I really believed I was in the pictures” said one kid amazed of the experience. “I briefly got frightened when the monster came out of Rubens Last Judgement, but then the narrator said, don’t be scared, it’s just a painting…”, confessed another.

ANDREWS CASTLE – Recreating Saint Andrews’ history

Saint Andrews Audioguide

Development of a multi-sensorial experience for all publics recreating the castle’s history. In the tour, a former resident of the castle walks its courtyard, towers, and battlements, detailing the most dramatic events of his time. Certain memories become so vivid (through 3D mixing) that the narrator and the visitor are pulled into those exact moments; re-living the gunfire, murder and violence of a fierce siege.

Through the survey, visitors confirmed that they were able to in-vision the dramatic events and that 3D sound “brought the story more to life“. 97.7% found the audio guide a pleasant way to learn about the castle’s hystory and three quarters of the people surveyed said they want to listen to more 3D audio guides in the future.